if you knew me irl you’d think i was super annoying and would probably not want to be my friend and here is why:

-i laugh when i’m nervous and i’m always nervous
-i chew on my fingernails all of the time and it is, quite frankly, disgusting
-i cry all of the time for any reason. i cry just about any time i feel anything in greater quantities than normal. i cry during commercials and bad songs and sometimes when i look at the sky.
-i get very passionate about everything, about things that don’t matter. i don’t realize how loud i am being.
-i tap my fingers and make drum beats on things constantly
-i have panic attacks sometimes and have to cancel plans
-if i get an idea that i need to write down, everything else ceases to exist for a moment
-my head is an ant colony
-my head is the tokyo subway system
-my head is the autobahn
-i will find a way to let you down

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